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Electric cables
Multipurpose, control and power cables. Oil resistant, flexible and available to withstand almost all kinds of environmental conditions. Free of halogens.
Data transmission systems
Data and instrumentation cables, as well as field buses and connectors for all industrial installations.
Optical transmission systems
Fiber optic solutions suitable for torsion, flexion and resistant movements of all versions, applicable for use in the sectors, both office and industrial.
Connectors. Cable glands
Polyamide and metal cable glands that cover multiple applications. Inputs for multipurpose cables. Hermetically sealed. Wherever cables need to be tied or connected safely and quickly.
Cable protection conduits
To protect all kinds of round cables. Protection systems and cable routing for protection against external mechanical, chemical and environmental agents. Protection hoses against mechanical and chemical loads.
Industrial connectors
Rectangular and circular connectors for flexible system of choice of housings, inserts and pins. Extremely resistant, safe and easy to mount.
Communication systems for ETHERNET technologies
Cables for PROFINET systems, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, etc. We also have strong and robust connectors for the industrial environment.
Cable marking
Marking systems for long-lasting lettering. It has manual, electronic or already personalized labels. Withstands high chemical, mechanical and thermal loads.