Article Description Image DataSheet
129404 RJ9 / RJ11 / RJ45 connector press tool; It works as peeling and cutting Download
129503 Networking Toolbox, Includes Punchdown Tool, LAN Cable Tester, Cable Stripper, RJ45 Crimper Tool Download
129504 Toolbox, Cat 6 version, includes telephone cabling for UTP and STP, Professional Crimping Tool No. 129404, Model 760400 Connector Fixer, a puncher, Model 129102 Stripper, Crimping Screwdriver, Cat 6 plug. Unshielded Download
PPM-1000 PoE Power Meter - Ensures your PoE devices are working properly - Measures the power (watts) and available voltage on a PoE line - Compact and portable size - Indicator LEDs show power status Download
Poinger_T01 Verification and adjustment adapter of the camera system for the correct installation and positioning of its working parameters    
819172-44 GSR18V-LI Hand Drill Kit; Bosch; 1.5 -13mm, ACCU 4AH, 18V, 60Nm Download
830916-44 Professional Tool Box  
9202460000 Professional Tool Box Download
INNO-View7-V7+ Fusing Unit, with cutter, with SOC-holder 1 for SM, MM Download
FITEL S178V2 Fusion Unit Download
FIS-SOC-Soporte Support for SOC assembly of FITEL S178V2 Splicer    
FITEL S326 Splicing Tool Kit Download
RIP-Miller-FO103- T-250-J 3-way Miller pliers for fiber optic cables; Miller pliers with three openings, especially for removing the 250μm coating, the 900μm and 2-3mm sheathing of glass fibers  
FOKC RIP Kevlar cutter  
VIA- SmartOTDR126A -P0 SmartOTDR 1310/1550nm with Light Source Download
PAL-ECO-ST-OS2 -LC-SC-500 AL-ECO-ST-OS2-LC-SC-500; SM 500m LC/PC-SC/PC, lead fiber ring  
LWL-Fiberlight Fiber Optic Test Kit Fiberlight  
LWL-CleanSpect- Fiberchek-SL Complete equipment for cleaning and inspecting plugs and couplings including operating instructions; VIA-Fit-FC-Kit2; FiberChek Probe; Dry cleaning for fiber optic connectors.