Poinger offers complete security solutions. It allows you, through its integrating software, to interact with multiple video surveillance systems simultaneously and independently. Among the most outstanding solutions are:

Sheet Metal Recognition

 The plate recognition function allows the identification of a specific vehicle, in addition to the forensic search in videos of previously recorded events.

Face Recognition

  • Create a list of people observed in real time or search for faces retrospectively on recorded videos.

  • Identification of people regardless of facial hair, hairstyle, cut of hair, eye color or wearing glasses and in a diverse variety of conditions background.

  • Real-time noatification of identities that link to alerts.

Situation analysis

 When the Situation Analysis Detection tool is enabled, the software will display the properties (width, height, frame and color percentages) of the chased objects.

Barrier Control

 Magnetic barrier controlled manually, or by Poinger's Video Control system via Ethernet.

  • 25W of Power Consumption
  • 10 million movements

Perimeter Protection

  • Indicates the intrusion into an interactive area of the map.
  • Automatic PTZ positioning of the intrusion in the area.
  • Variety of other user-defined scenarios or events.