• Extraordinary and powerful Control Software.
  • Centralized control of different security facilities without limits.
  • 3D integration of the building plans.
  • Integration CCTV, SADI, SACI and CA
  • Unlimited number of cameras to control.

Automatic systems

  • Wired or wireless point configuration options.
  • Programmable areas, each supports perimeter points as interiors.
  • Option of touch keyboard, Led, liquid crystal and ATM style.
  • Flexible programming options: Local or remote.
  • Transport of alarms by wired, wireless or cellular network.
  • Exceptional integration of intrusion, access control and fire alarms.


Registration Station

Java - Biometric Option for enrollment and administration of digital templates.

Biometric Readers

Biometric sub terminal; LED, CBM / 3000 people, PIN keyboard, 24V AC / DC Standard.

Card Readers

LEGIC reader for direct connection to a PC via USB.

Access Controller

Control unit, door management, surveillance functions, Standard Ethernet 10/100 Base T interface.